Life Skills

Based on ten core Life Skill Strategies identified by WHO, UNICEF, UNESCO. Eterna Infotech launched a curriculum based Life Skill Lessons, My True Skills, which aims to empower students to protect themselves, promote health and develop meaningful enriching relationship.

The program is designed and supported with real-life examples and videos which provide students with an opportunity to question, explore and assess the situations, form their own values make decisions for the present and future.

The Program also helps students to develop their self-esteem honing their study skills and strengthening their ability to cope with stress, improving their communication skills, developing assertiveness and peer-refusal skills.

Ultimately, we believe that education is about the capacity to live in a multi-faceted world as an active and engaged citizen.

What We Offer?

Life Skills programs tailored to the requirement of your school

Selected programs which are also curriculum based as per the standards of Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and Ministry of Health and Education.

Specialized training for classroom teachers aiming towards teachers to be sought as mentors

Skills for Primary Education

Our life skills program provides practical and interactive training that enable us to create focused, harmonious and positive learning environments

Outcomes of this program :

Increased self-responsibility for physical and mental wellbeing

Greater understanding of how physical, mental and emotional health factors affect student learning and classroom teaching

Improved student learning and outcomes through structured wellbeing lesson sequences

Increased classroom management through prompt, fair and respectful practices

Daily practical daily exercises to enhance mental clarity, focus and energy

Skills For Secondary Education

We aim to strengthen secondary students' physical, social and emotional health and wellbeing skills, to support them through life’s challenges as they mature into adulthood. Students will benefit from skills that enhance focus, learning aptitude and group dynamics.

Outcomes of this program :

Matured awareness of healthy emotional responses

Stronger verbal, non-verbal and communication skills

Enhanced problem solving, decision making and conflict resolution skills

Advanced collaboration skills that enhance group cohesion and personal achievement

Improved relaxation and stress management techniques

Lifestyle management tools including a complete lifestyle assessment

Skills for Teachers/ Teachers as Mentors

The importance of a teacher as an architect of our future generations demand that only the best and the most intelligent and competent members of our intelligentsia be allowed to qualify for this noble profession. This is the basic premise that we are addressing with our Programs, where we not only want to make a difference to the qualitative aspects of the teacher but also do it in a volume quantitatively which satiates the demand in the markets.

Outcomes of this program :

Improved classroom management practices

Increased communication tools to negotiate expectations in a fair and respectful manner

Strengthened strategies to manage anxiety and depression

Effective tools to create calmer classroom environments

Developed understanding of how physical, mental and emotional health factors affect student learning

Ability to build awareness of self-regulation and self-responsibility in students


Our program help students to develop their self- esteem honing their study skills, strengthening their ability to cope with stress, improve their communication skills, develop assertiveness and peer-refusal skills.

Life Skills Program which is curriculum based for classes from Grade 1 to Grade 12

Our program meets CBSE curriculum requirements and has been developed with in-depth consultation with schools

We work in collaboration with a growing national community of schools and continue to evolve our programs in accordance to their needs

Our programs are tailored to suit the individual needs of your class and cater for children of all needs

Our Consultants deliver a dynamic format that encourages team participation and social cohesion while having fun along the way

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