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The Student Ambassadors program provides clear steps to help you learn and lead so you can make a difference and empower those around you. This is brilliant opportunity to amplify your impact and learn new skills and build stronger communities. Be the Power locally and globally

Vision and Mission :

Students and teachers are engaged in work that is challenging, adventurous and meaningful learning. Our mission is to create stronger communities and engage students to fulfil their highest aspirations to achieve more and become active contributors to building a better world.

When student enter adult life, they will not only be celebrated for their performance on basic skills tests, but rather for the quality of their work and their character.

Triangulated approach towards Visionary Learning

1. Mastery of Skills and Knowledge

  •   Deeper understanding of 21st century skills
  •   Apply their learning – Meaningful tasks
  •   Thinking Skills - analyze evaluate and apply
  •   Effective Communication – write, speak and present idea effectively across various disciplnes

2. Character Building

  •   Everyone matters – How to become effective learner
  •   Treat others well and stand up for what is right – Empathy, Compassion, Respect and Integrity
  •   Thinking Skills - analyze evaluate and apply
  •   Contribute – Awareness programs

3. Demonstrate Craftmanship

  •   High order thinking skills
  •   Execution of work
  •   Creating authentic work

Real-World approach : Curriculum is academically rigorous, robust allows students to become independent thinkers and contribute towards authentic work beyond classrooms.

Virtually Alive : Classrooms are alive to enhance thinking capabilities, problem solving, critical and creative thinking skills in collaborative discussion with teachers and mentors. Learning is predominately focused on Student at the centre, allowing students to analyse, evaluate and apply.

Culture of Respect and Integrity: We build cultures of respect, responsibility, courage, kindness and compassion where students and teachers are committed to build stronger community and citizenship. Student leadership is nurtured and contributions are celebrated to support good work and be better people than they thought possible.

Leadership: Goes beyond a single person or team it’s a role and expectation for all.


This program is FREE for students of MTS.

Who Qualifies : Students from Year 6 onwards from any part of the world.