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The human brain is amazing – even so more sophisticated than any existing computer. A baby is born into the world with around 100 billion brain cells (neurons), give or take a few million.

The brain is so important to the human species that four weeks after conception, an embryo produces half a million neurons every minute. In fully developed humans, a complex system of 300 million neurons connects the brain’s right and left sides, but they are so minuscule that 30,000 of them can fit on a pinhead.

To make the most of one’s brain, it needs to be exercised and nurtured, just like every other muscle of the human body. Synapses – points of the brain connections – have to be created and conserved for the brain to stay alert and healthy throughout adulthood.

How can a parent ensure their child’s development is constantly improving during school? What could a parent of a learning disabled child do to help them develop? One option is Superbrain Yoga. Superbrain Yoga is a simple and effective technique to energize and recharge the brain. It is based on the principles of subtle energy and ear acupuncture.

This powerful technique is explained in Master Choa Kok Sui’s book Superbrain Yoga. This exercise takes less than 60 seconds a day to perform.

However, for Superbrain Yoga to be effective, the proper technique needs to be used. components of the proper technique include:

  • Facing the correct direction
  • Positioning the arms properly
  • Positioning the fingers properly
  • Breathing correctly

Superbrain Yoga may not yield the desired results in case the procedure provided by MCKS is not strictly followed.