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Modules shall be focused on how we can raise ourselves as Individuals, while also understand developmental stages of the “little humans” – Our children around us.

Parenting is a journey of responsibility and accountability but it is also a journey of empowerment of self. While schools take the sole responsibilities of nurturing young adults how we as responsible individuals can support ECO system around the child to support enhancement and growth of children. Children are natural learning machines – Understanding them is vital.

Course designs a framework around :

  •   How behaviours are modelled around parenting
  •   Art of fulfilment
  •   Brain as focal point
  •   Human Communication Model
  •   Parental Beliefs
  •   Emotional Intelligence
  •   Routines and Rituals
  •   External Influences
  •   Education and growth
  •   Understanding communication models – Styles of Parenting
  •   Core character + Virtues

Outcome :

  •   You become excellent communicator
  •   You own the game
  •   You make better decisions
  •   You encourage better habits and rituals
  •   You inspire confidence and resilience
  •   You provide limitless love and support
  •   You set more effective rules and boundaries